How to reward your kid’s achievements

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Prizes can be a magnificent method to perceive and praise achievements; nonetheless, they ought to be utilized sparingly. The best compensation for a job done the right way is really a feeling of inward fulfillment. This sort of “reward” is dependable and assists with building confidence. For example, feeling extraordinary about having excelled on a test will last more in comparison to other materialistic rewards... Having said that, as guardians we need (and ought to!) commend our youngsters’ achievements.

So what are the ways you can reward them positively?

Here are a few ways to do it!

Master Chef!

Enough said, isn’t it? While it is usually the mums who decide the menu for the day, let your roles be reversed for the special occasion! Just for the day, let your child choose their favorite treats and what you will eat for breakfast, dinner, and lunch.

Planning an activity your kids' love

Once your kid has achieved a particular goal, you can plan an activity that makes your child happy. Like an extra playtime for a day, or going out to the zoo, or watching their favorite movie together.

The little gifts

Now we won’t suggest spending fortunes or spoiling your kid. But, there are few things that your child absolutely adores and would work hard enough to get it. This, if executed with a well-thought plan will push your kid positively towards the goal.

While you do all the above things, the main thing is to divide the goals into practical and achievable tasks with realistic timelines. And to do so we have a perfect solution for you.


PACE (Parent and Child Engagement) is about promoting and tracking engagement between parents and kids through a multidimensional approach. It is about gamification of engagement, learning, and knowledge with a focus on collaboration and consolidation of information.

The app features a unique reward system that lets you set goals and corresponding rewards that will motivate your kids to achieve those goals. The kids can even choose their own rewards if they so desire. Try out the app on Android and iOS to see how you can motivate your kids with a reward enabled learning system, or contact us if you want more information about PACE.

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